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This is just a guideline, all work will be by QUOTE, prices below are just for reference.
I offer 4 levels of detail...remember these are for gaming, not display.  I rarely paint models to that level...I'm a gamer not a collector of miniatures.  I do have a collection of models to play with.  Not to say I won't do it or attempt to do it, just not my thing.  Don't forget to check out the Galleries for more examples... Remember...gaming...
BASIC Tabletop: This is the bare bones version...the models are painted with three or more colors, shading wash applied, and simple basing. This is for the gamer on a budget who wants his or her models painted quickly to a good standard for gaming. EYES are not done with detail, the wash will imply the eye being there.  I won't color out of the lines though. This is a good table top level.  Minimum of 10 models per commission.
Bolt Action:  Minimum of 10 models.
Infantry models $4.00/ea.
Small vehicles $10.00/ea.  (jeeps, bikes)
Tanks $15.00-25.00
Payment:  Deposit of 1/2 painting commission is required when work begins.  Balance due upon completion and approval of models by customer.  Customer pays all shipping charges.  Models to be purchase will be paid for in advance by customer.   I have not had one bad customer yet (over 2000 miniatures in 2014 so far), so I won't talk about refunds and forfeiture of models.   PayPal, money order, bank check, or cash if face to face delivery is being done.
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Tabletop Plus:  This level includes more shading washes and 1-2 highlights.  This level is 1.5-2x the Basic level in cost, based on the detail of the models.  A 40K model has a great deal more detail than a Bolt Action model at this level.  Basing and effects can be added at this level.
WH 40K/Fantasy:  Minimum of 10 models.
Infantry models $5-8.00/ea.
Small vehicles $10.00-12.00/ea. (bikes, cav)
Tanks and vehicles by quote, just to much variety in the model line.
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Warmachine/Hordes:  Minimum of 6 models.
Small base infantry models $5-8.00/ea.
Medium base infantry $10.00-20.00/ea.
Large base models $15.00 +
Colossus size base $50.00 +
Warcaster/Warlock/Solo $15.00 +
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Individual:  This level I recommend for characters, Warlocks/Warcastes, Solos, RPG miniatures.  This level is priced per model and detail is discussed with and agreed upon with customer.  Special basing and effects are standard.  This level is 7-8/10 on CMON scale.
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Display:  This level I rarely if ever do now, I don't have the patience to apply 10 layers of shading and highlights to a single shoulder pad.  There are some talented painters out there that are amazing and capable of this level daily.  I am working on some for myself and to see if I can get that 9+, but they are not a priority at all.   I am willing to paint to this level if needed, but don't expect it to be done quickly.  This level of painting is slow and tedious.  I can paint an army in the time it would take for a single display level model.  Not my thing, but will do it on request.
Conversion service is also available: Below are a few simple conversions I have done.  Priced per quote only.  Customers supplies or purchases all bits and models needed.  Pinning and magnet installation available also.
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Assembly:  Plastic infantry models are $1.00/each.  Metal infantry varies depending on the need for pinning.   Larger models and tanks depend upon level of detail and volume of pieces.  Customer supplies all bases (unless I am casting them) and decals as needed.