Hi, I'm Steve Keltner, aka "icemansk".  I started painting miniatures over 30 years ago in the early days of AD&D.  Back then it was testors model enamels and a crappy brush.  In 1998 I opened a game store in Eastern Washington, "Cavern Games" and sold painted miniatures to locals and thru eBay. Cavern Games closed it's doors in mid 2000.   SUPPORT your local game store!  The internet is cheap and easy, but if the local store provides a place to play, you're helping them close their doors by not supporting them with purchases...just sayin'. 
I can be found on CMON as caverngames (old stuff) or icemansk (account crashed, everything reposted).  The standard has really changed since my first posts on CMON, just incredible work.   Just so much talent and patience...amazing vision.  I've tried to get to this level and came close on occasion, but I just didn't have the patience for painting to that level every day.  It is truly a commitment of major time to get a 9 or 10 rating, heck an 8 is incredible work.
So I settled for 7's and got on with it.  That was over 10 years ago.  I painted mostly single figures for commissions and eBay, mostly Reaper and GW.  After painting over 2000 figures for everyone but me, I got totally burned out and put the brushes up until a couple years ago. 
That brings us to today...I have gotten back into tabletop games again and have really started to enjoy painting miniatures and building terrain again.  Oh, and my eyes totally suck now...I had to get some coke bottle glasses to do detail work...oh the horror!
So why paint for others again?  Won't you get burned out again?  Well that is always a possibility with anything, but this time I plan on having a plan.  One thing that has always been a gift, is painting fast to a pretty decent level.  Some of the miniatures (Stormwall) were painted in just 2-3 hours or less, while some took way more time than I was willing to spend.
My goal is to paint armies, squads, and the single figure for my customers to a level that they will be happy with for a reasonable fee "quickly".    The Bolt Action stuff, painted to a pretty good level for gaming, were completed in about an hour for each tank and about 3-5 hours for 10 squad members.  (assembly time not included)
So that is the plan...paint for the masses who don't have the time or feel they can't paint to a level they want to put on the table.  I encourage everyone who plays tabletop games to give it a go with the painting, you may surprise yourself.  Above all, don't think you suck, it takes loads of time to learn techniques, short cuts, and develop skill.  I have a long way to go before I will be satisfied with my best efforts.  Never stop trying and don't give up!
So if you want your armies painted to a gaming standard or better, shoot me and email and we can figure out what will work best for you and me. 
Check out the "Services" page for examples and pricing.  Don't forget to browse the gallery often and check for other content as the page grows.
Why Man Room?  Well, a few years ago we built a new garage/shop so I could do my other hobby...restore my old Italian sports car and maybe a few more, so our old garage had the door sealed off and some windows put in and we turned it into a one car sized room.  From the beginning my wife called it the "Man Room", so I paint "man Barbies" in the "Man Room" (a friends wife calls our miniatures man Barbies, which is pretty much the truth guys...)
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